Thin Thighs Program

Bye-Bye Thunder Thighs!!!

Camille lost 100 lbs!
"It is a miracle that I am standing before you wearing these skimpy red Nike shorts with out a hint of self-consciousness or shame. Two years ago I would have never dreamed of this day. As a matter of fact, it was exactly two years ago that I found myself in a department store dressing room bare to my underwear and in shock that my once “claim to fame” once beautiful legs had gone sour---to cottage cheese thighs that is. I stood there in shock and I realized that I would probably never see my legs thin, defined, or sculpted and free from the ripples, hills and valleys that are common to legs that are a victim of cellulite. “What a mess I am”, I thought to myself and that’s when the last ounce of self-hated filled my low self-esteem cup to over-flow.

Victoria's amazing Thin Thighs Program literally caused the cellulite to VANISH from my legs! Now, my legs are smooth, silky, strong and defined. I have the confidence to wear shorter skirts, and yes, these fabulous red Nike shorts! In addition, her Vertical Training techniques have given me a slimming dancer’s body. Her program saved my life, and now I am helping others experience the same results. If you haven’t made up your mind yet to make a u-turn from thunder thighs to thighs that make men take a double look, then perhaps my success story will inspire you to have hope once more. Enjoy!!!

- Camille T.
Body Move International

From Walking with a Cane to Dancing Like the Stars
From A Frumpie Size 16 to a Sexy Size 6

Graciela down to a size 6!
"I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the Spring of 1997. I went form being a dancer, athlete, coach, special Education teacher, full time mom of 4 teenagers, grandma and Lay minister to being a disabled female.

My entire life changed in the twinkling of an eye. My confidence evaporated and my body began to deteriorate. In less than a year I went from a healthy woman o a female walking with a cane, mumbled speech, a loss of feeling in my limbs. I also loss coordination and balance. I was not able to read, listen to music or count change.
It was devastating. I was trapped in an MS body and I had no idea how to get out.

Medicines showed up in the form of self administered injections daily. The combination of the lack o f movement and medicine began to put weight on me and I grew from my confident size 6 to a frumpie size 16! I was weak and easily exhausted, I still could not concentrate, I was too heavy and large for my frame size and I didn’t know what to do.
I prayed constantly for God to help me and He did. He sent me Victoria Johnson. I started working out with Victoria and following Her Quickstart Energy program and my life began to change in an instant again. Since training with Victoria’s workouts, I have gone from the frumpie 16 back down to a now sculpted size 6. I am stronger than when I began and I now have muscle definition. I have my confidence back and I thank God for Victoria and her programs. She brought me from the brink of no hope to a life that is filled with joy, dancing, and serving. I got so inspired by Victoria’s programs that I am now a personal trainer! I want to help make a difference in the lives of others who struggle with illness, disease and show them that there is hope. Thank you Victoria!"

Graciela Toefield

I started Victoria's Thin Thighs Program and saw astounding results!

Myrtle lost 55 lbs!
"A year and a half ago I weighed 209 pounds at 5'4" tall. I was obese and took a variety of medications for alarming counts of cholesterol and debilitating depression in order to make it though what I used to call, "this stupid life."

I desperately needed help. I felt hopeless. I didn't have another diet in me. I was afraid of what would become of me; and rightly so because I knew my health was failing rapidly. I should have been afraid because I was headed for diabetes and cardiovascular disease at best.

I started Victoria's Thin Thighs Program and saw astounding results! I keep it at my fingertips even today as reference material.

She has mentored me into a life that is so unbelievable! I am off all the medications. I now take supplements that support this fabulous new, healthy life I've been given. My body, mind and spirit have been renewed!

With tearful eyes, one more time, let me say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart."

-Myrtle W.

Gaylen from size 26 to 16!
Victoria Has Changed My Life!

"I’ve gone from a size 24-26 to a size 16. My health has dramatically improved. My blood pressure is in the normal range, the fibroids are no longer obvious (before I could easily feel them) and my menstrual cycles are now regular. Food has its proper place and I have a better perspective and richer understanding about my future and myself. I still have 57 pounds to lose but I know that will happen. I am thrilled with my current success..."

- Gaylen B.

Diana dropped over 12 inches!
They figure I’m around forty!

"I’ll be 54 next month…and a lot of people are totally shocked! They figure I’m around forty -- some even guess late thirties. To stay so young is appealing to everyone – I have stayed young with no Botox. I’ve been dancing and using Victoria's diet program and dance techniques for close to a decade. I’ve always been around a size four, but I have completely reshaped my body with Victoria’s training! I have lost 4 inches in each thigh and my waist is thinner. My thighs used to be the size of my waist. Not anymore! Now they are thin and shapely. My blood sugar used to spiral out of control. Now the sugar is highest in the mornings --around 110 -- which is healthy. I trust that the diabetes will be totally a non-issue soon. Best of all, I feel joyful and peaceful!"
- Diana J.

I Am My Own Worst Enemy!!!

“Just wanted to say that I bought my program today. I haven't really started yet, it will take me some time. But have listened to some of the info and its all sounding very good!

Just wanted to run by you the fact that I'm at this present point in time writing in my Quick Start Journal. As I waddled through my day - then ate two more Christmas mince pies - I realized that I was my biggest saboteur. I've always blamed everybody else for my failure, my body, my pregnancy, my husband, my stress, my difficulties and yes all of those things don't help. But I've just put it together that I am my own worst enemy. I am the master of my fate. And from now on - I'm not going to give that credit to anybody!

Thanks so much. Its half a day and you've already done wonders!

Lotsov xx
- Jazi.

I am back to my pre baby weight and the cellulite is GONE!!!

“Victoria, You are an angel!
I had a beautiful baby girl ten months ago, her name is Meridith, and I had fifteen pounds of baby weight that would not go away. As My body went through wild hormonal imbalances during my pregnancy, I got some cellulite dimples on my legs and rear. I love being a mom, but I was so exhausted and I was ready to get my pre-baby figure back. I heard a Quick Start Ad and I loved the way you give me so many ideas about how to eat the right fat burning foods that also helped me tone up my body. I am elated to let you know that I have so much more energy now to be a mom and a wife. I am back to my pre baby weight and the cellulite is GONE!!! You have made such a difference in me as a person with your teaching style and positive and empowering messages. I am going to order some of your DVD’s this week so that I can start to really tone up without having to leave Meredith with a sitter. Thank you so much for being there for me and guiding me with your enthusiastic and loving compassion in your CD’s and weekly teachings online."

- Sarah

Girlfriend, YOU ROCK!

“Dear Victoria,
Girlfriend, YOU ROCK! When I sent T…. to you I had no idea you would make her look so hot for the album cover. She had done some pretty recording sessions and you know how she eats to deal with her stress. You did again. Thank you for buffing her up and please accept this gift as a small token for your invaluable service to all of us."

- M. P.
Recording Agent

Dropping excess body fat has just become so simple!

“Dropping excess body fat has just become so simple, even my sister has dropped 10 pounds in a matter of days without starving! Nothing has worked so quickly for her in the past. She’s ecstatic. She calls me every day talking about how great she feels. She is running up and down her stairs at home without pain in her knees for the first time in ten years."

- Veronica A.

I am a convert to the Low Glycemic Lifestyle. !

“Dearest Victoria,
I have been trying to voice what I have felt about your program for quite some time now and my husband said to just sit down and start and the words would come. I had breast cancer and had radical surgery. After it was all over, I went through a bout of depression, compulsive over eating and was afraid to move. I ordered your Stretch and Tone Workout and just listened to it for a while without even doing the workout.

After I got the courage, I started moving with you and I became exhilarated. I got so inspired that I went to your web site and started reading all your newsletters and got so excited about losing the weight I had gained from eating that I ordered your Thin Thighs Program. That was the one of the greatest decisions I ever made next to marrying my wonderful husband.

I am proud to say I am a convert to the Low Glycemic Lifestyle. I have lost forty pounds and over eighteen inches. I love my life and I love what your program has done for me and my husband. As I was writing this with tears of joy, he whispered to me to be sure and tell you thank you from him because he got his sweetheart back."

- Emily

The Program Was So Simple, Yet I Lost Tons Of Weight!

"Victoria, I had been struggling with my weight for almost ten years before I found your Thin Thighs Program. I was so heavy that I could not fit into my bath tub. I had done every possible diet ever made. I saw you on TV and I was touched by your testimony, I felt like I was listening to my own biography. To sum up all that has happened in my life since I saw you, went to your web sit and downloaded The Quick Start Diet is difficult, but I will try. I got the program and started listening to you in my car, at my job via headset and at night when I fell asleep. It began to work on my thinking instantly. I learned so much about my self, my life, my choices and my eating patterns. I had no idea that your mind affected your behind as you say.

The program was so simple, yet I lost tons of weight. The program literally changed my life. I lost so much weight that I had to buy an entirely new wardrobe. I became more confident which allowed me the guts to get another job, paying me twice what I had previously made. I didn’t know how much I had let the excess weight hold me back from living the life of my dreams.

I have tears streaming down my face as I write to you. I have no words that can express the gratitude I feel in my heart for you and your incredible programs. I am forever changed. I have lost over seventy pounds and I look and FEEL ten years younger.

I know this may not seem like a big deal for some people, but I can fit into my bathtub with room to spare. Now one of my greatest treasures is to turn my master bathroom into a spa by lighting candles and taking a long luxurious soak. Forever grateful!"

- Kim

I lost the weight faster than I even needed to...

"Hi Victoria,
You were right!  I emailed you about losing weight for dance team tryouts and you said if I would use the Quick Start Program for thirty days, that I would lose weight, reduce my waist line like I wanted to and have more energy to practice.  My mom downloaded the program for me and it’s like magic.  Everything you said happened.  I lost the weight faster than I even needed to, I had so much energy to practice that I stayed after and worked more than any other person and the great news is… I MADE IT!  I MADE THE TEAM!!!  I am so happy and I still follow the program because as my mom says, it’s my lifestyle now.

Thank you for being there for me."

 - Vanessa

Victoria’s Thin Thighs Program is absolutely phenomenal!

Before I went on Victoria’s Thin Thighs Program I was a mess. At the time I was teaching my own fitness classes while trying to recover from knee surgery. I was carrying 30 plus extra pounds around as a result of the injury and I was desperate to get it off but it felt like a losing battle. I was constantly having to sit with my legs elevated and I could feel the pounds adding up. I couldn’t even walk fast let alone run. I had to modify many moves for myself so I could still teach class. I had lost my energy and fire I thought teaching was over for me I was so depressed I truly thought I was going to have to hang up my passion for teaching forever but at the same time I couldn’t imagine not teaching.

I get very excited and tearful just thinking about where I am today in comparison from the first day I started the program. I have lost all of the weight and replaced it with a very healthy toned sculpted long and lean body. Victoria is phenomenal with her knowledge and she brought back the fire within me and I’m so happy to say I’m still teaching fitness classes and with so much energy and strength it’s unbelievable!

Thin Thighs Program is absolutely phenomenal! The results are above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. It has literally changed my life inside and out. My life has forever changed from this program physically, emotionally, and most importantly Spiritually I feel so blessed it has made a profound impact on my life. I am happy. My life is so much richer, balanced, and fulfilling."

- Dee Dee O.

“ ... three months, 12 pounds. You were so right, this is amazingly easy. My cholesterol is down 20 points.”

- Jay H. Nashville, TN

I was so happy that the weight came off without starving and counting calories...

“Thank you for the weekly updates and pump ups you send me.  I have been so busy and frantic about my wedding that I didn’t have time to send you a thank you until now. I was getting ready for my wedding and I wanted to wear my grandmother’s vintage gown, but it was two sizes too small for me.  I got your Quick Start Program thinking I could just crash diet enough to fit into the dress and to my surprise, I lost twelve pounds in no time and it was crazy how easy it was and how I didn’t have to do anything special to do it.  I made my goal and the dress fit perfectly.  I was so happy that the weight came off without starving and counting calories. 

Thank you for making my goal for my wedding possible.  And the bonus was the fact that I got the skimpiest bikini I could for my honeymoon.  I was so thrilled and I owe it all to you and your Thin Thighs Program.  And just so that you know, the price is way too low.  I tried to hire a personal trainer before I bought your program and it was three times more expensive and they were not nearly as fun and knowledgeable as you."

- Kristi

“I loved your menus, I can’t believe with just a few subtle changes, I dropped 2 pant sizes and 3 negative friends.”

- Claire B. Arizona

Went from size 14 to a size 6!

"In the fall of 2002 I got very sick. I was extremely exhausted and I was having trouble sleeping. I seemed to get worse and worse. Initially, the medical doctor’s diagnosed me with mononucleosis. I lost about 30 pounds over a month. I developed food allergies so anything I ate went right through me. My hair was falling out. I couldn’t work. My eyes hurt when exposed to the sunlight. My skin had a grayish green color. I had anxiety all the time. I was so weak, so tired and I still couldn’t sleep or get rested. I had all the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I searched all over the United States for a doctor that could help me. I worked with several local doctors, naturopaths’, chiropractors, acupuncturist and I traveled to Texas to be tested by a world famous healer. I was on a multitude of natural formulas and prescription drugs and nothing seemed to help and the drugs seemed to magnify all my negative symptoms. I felt like my life was completely over. I had someone driving me to doctor appointments several times a week because I was too sick to drive myself.

Then I found Victoria's Thin Thighs Program and at this time I only had enough strength to walk and work part-time but that was about it. I was afraid her program would be too much for me. My body was a weak skeleton with no muscle and no tone. My soul was desperately searching for answers.

Within about two months I was completely off all medications. My body was healing as I worked on restoring my mind, body and spirit. Her approach is a very whole body integrated approach and I gradually began regaining my health. I thought I was just getting a physical workout, but her program is so much more. Every aspect of my life improved and I regained my health to a level much higher than I’ve ever experienced.

Today I am healthy, strong, I sleep well and I have nearly unlimited energy. My skin and hair are restored and many people think I am much younger than I am. I continue to reach new levels of absolutely extraordinary health and each area of my life is moving forward. It is amazing what this program and God can do. I have been blessed beyond belief and the blessings just keep flowing. I live a truly abundant life and my desire is to help others overcome similar challenges, just as Victoria has helped me so much."

- Linda P.

"The Thin Thighs Program is simple, clear, uncomplicated and it works I have lost twenty pounds in four weeks."

K. Langley

“I Started the Thin Thighs Program ten days ago and I have already dropped 7 pounds! I am eating all the time and I have almost as much ENERGY as my two year old!”

- J. Brown

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